Building the New National Library of Israel Complex

The new NLI building, adjacent to the Knesset and the Israel Museum at the intersection of Kaplan Street and Ruppin Boulevard in Jerusalem's National District, is being planned by Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron.
The building's area totals approximately 45,000 sq. m. including 6 above-ground floors comprising 15,000 sq. m., and 5 below-ground floors totaling 30,000 sq. m.

Updates on Construction


March 2020



November 2019

We have completed the concrete framework including floors, walls and ceilings up to floor L-1, which is the seventh floor from the bottom, two floors above ground level on the Ruppin Blvd. side and one floor below the main entrance level.

The work is moving ahead on schedule as we continue working on infrastructure, and finishes to the HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems. There are about 125 workers on-site daily, with 30 on the night shift. Work is ongoing 24 hours a day, six days a week. 

The architects, along with Library staff, have finalized detailed designs for millwork furnishings and are now in the process of selecting suppliers.  As part of the implementation methodology, we have set up mockups of openshelves, carrels and flooring in our current building, as well as a special room with mockups of flooring, wall cladding, and ceiling materials inside the new building, in order to evaluate implementation and wear. 

The new building's most groundbreaking sustainability feature will be Israel's first below-ground "rock store", a mechanism for storing thermal energy which will significantly reduce energy consumption required to cool the building. The concrete foundations for the 'rock store' sustainable cooling system have been cast, and all of the stones have been placed in the enclosures.



July-August 2019

April 2019


January 2019


October 2018


August 2018: Work begins on building foundations

Following the completion of excavations at the site, work has now been passed on to Electra Construction Ltd., who have already begun casting concrete for the new building's foundations


May 2018: The digging and reinforcement work is complete
The excavation and retaining wall work has been completed.
The five subterranean floors of the new building have been fully excavated with over 200,000 cubic meters (ca. 7,000,000 cubic feet) of earth removed from the site.


A 40 sq. m. (ca. 430 sq. ft.) mock-up of a corner of the building has been erected on site. It serves to demonstrate what the façade will look like and will help the planning team and staff better examine and optimize various aspects of project implementation moving forward

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Excavations & Retaining Walls, July-August 2016​


Excavations & Retaining Walls June 2016 (click for report)

Excavations & Retaining Walls May 2016 (click for full images)

Excavations & Retaining Walls, April 2016 (click for full images)

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