The Israel Archives Network (IAN)

Digital hub for Israeli archival material

Connecting Israeli archives with one another and the world

IAN will, for the first time ever, connect archives from across Israel in a centralized, searchable, state-of-the-art online portal. Approximately 50 archives have already joined the project, including diverse materials chronicling the history of Israel, its communities, organizations and leading figures. 
The project takes materials that in the past were difficult if not impossible to access, and makes them available to the public through a convenient and user-friendly platform, enabling users to search all participating archives at once. It will also ensure long-term preservation of these materials in digital format, of particular importance as many of the archives lack the proper physical conditions required to ensure adequate preservation for future generations.
IAN is part of the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage's Land Marks initiative and is being undertaken in collaboration with the State Archives.


IAN – The Israel Archives Network website (in Hebrew)


We welcome new partners and sponsors to join the vision:

  • Digitizing Israel's history in photos, letters, documents and more
  • Providing accurate and comprehensive information on all items in the archive network
  • Expanding the collection to include an ever-increasing range of archives from across the country