Inspiring Educational Experiences

Diverse educational initiatives

Engaging students of all ages and backgrounds in Israel and across the globe

Educational programming at the National Library of Israel is designed to generate meaningful formal and informal learning experiences based on the Library’s extensive collection of cultural and intellectual treasures. A range of initiatives bring youth from different backgrounds to the Library, where they learn practical skills as they grow intellectually and socially. Each program, specially designed to be age-and culture-appropriate, fosters creativity as well as a sense of connection to personal and communal identities.

"Jerusalem Advantage"

The purpose of the initiative, organized by the Jerusalem Municipality, is to expose Jerusalem schoolchildren to the city's leading cultural institutions. The program provides the chance to enrich their classroom learning, expose them to new educational opportunities, and foster appreciation of the city's special character and cultural offerings. Thousands of sixth graders from Arabic-language schools throughout East Jerusalem and schoolchildren from Jewish schools throughout the city have already come to the Library as part of the program, which also provides curricular support materials to educators based on the Library's collections.

"Young Jerusalem Curators"

The Young Jerusalem Curators program , in collaboration with the Jerusalem Education Authority and Musrara: The Naggar School of Art, brings youth to the National Library where they are exposed to its collections, learn important research, creative thinking and presentation skills and are given the opportunity to create a work of art. Participants choose topics of interest to them and then work in mixed media with a student from Musrara and a National Library mentor. At the end of the program, the works are displayed publicly online, at the Library and in their communities. Each participant chose a topic of interest related to the theme of "Recreation and Leisure" and then worked in mixed media with a student from Musrara and a National Library mentor. At the end of the program, the works were put on display at the Library with tours of the exhibition provided for the general public.


"Bar and Bat Mitzvah at the National Library" 


We welcome new partners and sponsors to join the vision:

  • Expanding programming for diverse age groups and populations throughout Israel's geographic and socio-economic periphery
  • Enhancing the online educational portal with a range of multimedia and learning materials based on the National Library's treasures
  • Providing hands-on opportunities for students to improve research skills, as well as professional training for teachers from across the country