Historic Press Digitization

Millions of pages of digitized historic Jewish and Arabic press


The digitized collection of Ottoman and Mandate-era Palestinian Arabic newspapers.

From the late 19th century onward, newspapers and journals formed the central platform for the cultural, political, religious and social life of the Arabic community in Ottoman and Mandate-era Palestine, as well as the main channel for all major ideological and communal discourse. Hundreds of Arabic newspapers and journals were printed in the region between 1876 and 1948, and the National Library is privileged to house a superb and wide-ranging collection of many of them. Nonetheless, these periodicals are not readily accessible, as they are dispersed among a range of other institutions and private collectors, and are not easily searched nor cross-referenced. In building on its expertise and experience in the field of Jewish press digitization and in constantly expanding its mandate to serve as a cultural repository for all of Israel's citizens and as a world-leading resource for Middle East Studies, the National Library has launched Jrayed, an exciting initiative to build the world’s largest and most user-friendly digital collection of Ottoman and Mandate-era Palestinian Arabic newspapers.

We welcome new partners and sponsors to join the vision:

  • Digitizing millions of pages of historic press
  • Implementing enhanced optical character recognition (OCR) technologies
  • Expanding and diversifying the digital historic press collections 

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JPRESS – The Historic Jewish Press Project

Putting the world's historic Jewish press, richly diverse in origin and language, in one place, online.



JPRESS presents a digital gateway to Jewish newspapers and journals that spans continents and generations. Using advanced digitization technology, periodicals are viewable in their original layout and are fully searchable. Spanning over two centuries, ten languages and 19 countries, the platform currently provides access to over 300 titles, 240,000 issues and 2,250,000 scanned pages. The National Library is working to steadily expand this invaluable resource to ensure the preservation of these publications for the use and enrichment of future generations. 
JPRESS is undertaken in partnership with Tel Aviv University.